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The paper elements are a set of UI components designed to implement Google’s material design guidelines.


Elements recently released

  • paper-listbox - An alternative to paper-menu with a different interface, with much better accessibility and performance.
  • paper-menu-button - A button that opens up a menu overlay
  • paper-tooltip - A tooltip that shows on hover
  • paper-badge - A circular text badge representing a status or notification
  • paper-card - A material design-style card
  • paper-dropdown-menu - A material design-style browser select element
  • paper-submenu - A material design-style menu with nestable subsections

Elements in progress

We’re currently working hard on honing existing elements and fixing open issues.

Elements planned

Elements we’re planning on building soon but haven’t started yet

Short-term Nothing on the super short-term list


Longer term

Third-Party elements

Elements not built directly by the Polymer core team, but which are of notably high quality and fill current gaps in the element set.

Elements not planned, notably

Elements we’re not planning on building as part of this product line, but that one might be wondering about