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2.1.4 - December 1 2015
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2.1.4 - December 1 2015

  • Use instead of for mobile Safari.

2.1.3 - October 12 2015

  • Removed web-animations.min.js.gz

2.1.2 - July 8 2015

  • Fix a bug where onfinish was being called for GroupEffects before they were finished.

2.1.1 - July 1 2015

  • Add Animation.timeline getter
  • Add AnimationEffect.parent getter
  • Make AnimationEffectTiming (returned by AnimationEffect.timing) attributes mutable
  • Expose the Animation constructor
  • Change custom effects from AnimationEffects to onsample functions. Custom effects should now be created by setting the onsample attribute of a KeyframeEffect.

    For example, this is deprecated:

    var myEffect = new KeyframeEffect(
       function(timeFraction, target, effect) {
 = timeFraction;
    var myAnimation =;

    and this should be used insead:

    var myEffect = new KeyframeEffect(element, [], 1000);
    effect.onsample = function(timeFraction, effect, animation) { = timeFraction;
    var myAnimation =;

2.1.0 - June 15 2015

  • Fix bug affecting GroupEffects with infinite iteration children
  • Add GroupEffect.firstChild and GroupEffect.lastChild
  • Add initial values for most CSS properties
  • Allow to be called with no arguments
  • Add AnimationEffect.clone
  • Add GroupEffect.append and GroupEffect.prepend
  • Add AnimationEffect.remove
  • Add Animation.ready and Animation.finished promises

2.0.0 - April 5 2015

  • Improve behavior of group Animation playback rate.
  • Rename Animation to KeyframeEffect.
  • Rename AnimationSequence to SequenceEffect.
  • Rename AnimationGroup to GroupEffect.
  • Rename AnimationPlayer to Animation.
  • Remove KeyframeEffect.effect and add KeyframeEffect.getFrames.
  • Rename Animation.source to Animation.effect.
  • Rename Timeline.getAnimationPlayers to Timeline.getAnimations.
  • Rename Element.getAnimationPlayers to Element.getAnimations.

1.0.7 - March 10 2015

  • Improve performance of constructing groups and sequences.
  • Remove support for animating zoom.
  • Add bower file.

1.0.6 - February 5 2015

  • Implement playbackRate setter for group players.
  • Fix pausing a group player before its first tick.
  • Fix cancelling a group player before its first tick.
  • Fix excess CPU use on idle pages where custom effects and groups were used.
  • Suppress AnimationTiming.playbackRate deprecation warning for cases where AnimationTiming.playbackRate == 1.

1.0.5 - January 6 2015

  • Fix loading the polyfill in an SVG document
  • Fix a problem where groups didn’t take effect in their first frame
  • Don’t rely on

1.0.4 - December 8 2014

  • Fix a critical bug where deprecation logic wasn’t being loaded when web-animations-next and web-animations-next-lite were executed on top of a native element.animate.

1.0.3 - December 4 2014

  • Fix a critical bug on iOS 7 and Safari <= 6. Due to limitations, inline style patching is not supported on these platforms.

1.0.2 - November 28 2014

  • Deprecated AnimationTiming.playbackRate.

    For example, this is no longer supported:

    var player = element.animate(
        {duration: 1000, playbackRate: 2});

    Use AnimationPlayer.playbackRate instead:

    var player = element.animate(
        {duration: 1000});
    player.playbackRate = 2;

    If you have any feedback on this change, please start a discussion on the public-fx mailing list:

    Or file an issue against the specification on GitHub:

1.0.1 - November 26 2014

  • Players should be constructed in idle state
  • play() and reverse() should not force a start times
  • Add requestAnimationFrame ids and cancelAnimationFrame

1.0.0 — November 21 2014

The web-animations-js hackers are pleased to announce the release of a new codebase for the Web Animations Polyfill:

The previous polyfill has been moved to:

The new codebase is focused on code-size – our smallest target is now only 33kb or 11kb after gzip.

We’ve implemented native fallback. If the target browser provides Web Animations features natively, the Polyfill will use them.

We now provide three different build targets:

web-animations.min.js - Tracks the Web Animations features that are supported natively in browsers. Today that means Element.animate and Playback Control in Chrome. If you’re not sure what features you will need, start with this.

web-animations-next.min.js - All of web-animations.min.js plus features that are still undergoing discussion or have yet to be implemented natively.

web-animations-next-lite.min.js - A cut down version of web-animations-next, removes several lesser used property handlers and some of the larger and less used features such as matrix interpolation/decomposition.

Not all features of the previous polyfill have been ported to the new codebase; most notably mutation of Animations and Groups and Additive Animations are not yet supported. These features are still important and will be implemented in the coming weeks.